The Mighty Bees Stung

B Team Captain Nick Burriss’s match report:

match scorecard

Massively out-graded on every board, The Mighty Bees suffered a heavy (4-1) defeat at Atherton. Several key players were not available to play for us which gave Anthony Lloyd the opportunity to make his league chess debut – and a very impressive one it was too! He so nearly won a Knight and Pawns endgame, but in the end he had to settle for a draw. On top board Tom steadfastly scored our other half-point whilst Vince fell victim to a fierce mating attack, Andy ran out of time in a difficult position and I ran out of luck and ability in a tricky minor pieces and pawns ending.

Never mind. We shall return – hopefully with a glorious victory in our next league match versus ……………….The ‘A’ Team.

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