Culcheth B V Culcheth A

A key moment from Vincents game against Damian where Vince decided to go in for a Queen Sacrifice with Nf3 x e5.

‘A Team’ Dominate the Local Derby by B Team Captain Nick Burriss

Significantly out-graded on all 5 boards, the B Team suffered a heavy 4.5 – 0.5 defeat at the hands of their A Team clubmates. Having said that, all the games were competitive and the losers gave a good account of themselves.

On Board 1, Ian and Tom drew in a Chigorin Ruy Lopez where neither side managed to make a breakthrough.

The game between Andy and Jonathan S on Board 2 is our feature game (see below) and involved a Queen + pawns v 2 Rooks +pawns endgame – rather like Game 6 of the current World Championship match.

Marek scarcely put a foot wrong in his win against Jonathan Miller, in an attempt to create complications Jonathan went in for a piece sacrifice that unfortunately for him turned out to be unsound, Marek gobbled up the material and converted swiftly.

There were more sacrifices in Damian’s game against Vince. Vince started the game with a Smith Morra Gambit, giving up a pawn. Vince then added more fuel to the fire with a Knight Sacrifice, and then finally went all in with a positional Queens sacrifice! This left a material imbalance of Queen + Rook and Bishop V 2 Rooks and Bishop, easily winning you would think but for a time Black was rather tangled up. In the end a relieved Damian jettisoned some material to free his position and the game ended soon after.

Shanahan V McCarthy after move 22.Bf5

Rob once again used his new pet opening as White to quickly establish an advantage against Tony which he converted to a win very efficiently.

All in all a tough evening at the office for The Mighty Bees, but good match experience for our newer members who can be proud of their efforts.

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