Mighty Bees v Northwich

After 2 league loses in 2020, the Bees had chance to reset the balance on the 4th March with home advantage at the Daten.

The Bees were without their usual “guest” A team player as both Tom (Vout) and Damian (McCarthy) were unavailable and with regular Bee Andy Coe also unavailable, the Bee’s captain had to loan “C” team regular Mike (Brooks) for the evening (but only if we promised to give him back !).

The stage was set for an interesting match against fellow new Division 1 rivals Northwich, who arrived to the sound of church bells, which continued for the first 12 moves of the match !!. It would appear the local campanology society also have their club night on a Wednesday !!.

The Bees won the toss and elected to have white on odd boards.

As usual all the games had their interesting twists and turns but when all the dust had settled the Bees ran out winners by 4.5-1.5. The Bees first win of 2020 and the double over our division 1 rivals Northwich. Details….

Mighty Bees     Northwich
Keith Maudsley 0.5 0.5 Richard Betts
Steve Cole 1 0 John Beynon
Alex Robinson 0 1 Richard Major
Nick Burriss 1 0 Steve Harrison
Mike Rotchell 1 0 Aaron Milne
Mike Brooks 1 0 David Richmond
  4.5 1.5  

To the games in order of completion

Alex v Richard Major

First game to finish went to the visitors.

Position after whites 24th move…

Here Alex (black) is a pawn to the good and whites pawn on c2 looks vulnerable if the defending bishop can be removed, so 24…. Bg6!! is good and maintains blacks control.

Alex decided to defend the black a pawn with 24….Nc6 (unfortunately this weakens the a6 square and blocks blacks rook from attacking the c2 pawn)

24….. Nc6 25.Ba6 Ra8 26. Bb7 and Alex resigned.

In the final position after 26….Kd7 white has a slight advantage but is definitely not winning. Sometimes the disappointment of loosing control of a position makes you think the position is worse than it actually is.

The Mighty Bees 0-1 Northwich

Mike B v David Richmond

After blacks 12th move we reached the following position…

Mike (white) now decided to go all out for the win with a sacrifice !!

13 Bxh6 gxh6 14. Qxh6

Black now played 14….Nde5 (Bf6! is better) and after… 15. Nxe5 Nxe5 16. f4 ! Ng6 the position is level again.

Unfortunately the game score was illegible after this, but white secured 3 pawns for the sacrificed bishop and later won an exchange and the game.

The Mighty Bees 1-1 Northwich

Steve v John Beynon

We reached the following position after whites 17th move Nb3….

The position is equal and the computer suggests 17….Na4 should keep the equilibrium.

John blundered with 17….Nc4? and after 18. Bxc4 dxc4 19. Nxa5 b5 20. Bb4 Qd8 21.Nb7 black resigned.

Mighty Bees 2-1 Northwich

Mike v Aaron Milne

This game reached the following position after blacks 11th move….

White could not find the answer to the problem of the pin down the e file as 12.Bc2 Bxe4 13. Qxe4 Qxe4 14.Bxe4 Re8 loses a piece.

White missed 12. Qxf5 Qxf5 13.Nd6+ Bxd6 14 Bxf5+ and white is still in the game.

White played 12.Kf1 Rxd3 and the game was effectively over.

Mighty Bees 3-1 Northwich

Nick v Steve Harrison (click to view)

The game can be summed up by comparing the positions after blacks 15th and 19th move….

Nick has already built up an advantage, creating pawn weaknesses in the black position with a6,c6 and c5 all isolated. So the technique is to pick at least one of these weaknesses off – Nick does this in fine style…

Position after black’s 15th move
Position after black’s 19th move

If you compare the two position you will see white has developed two strong knights whilst black has shuffled his pieces back and forth and ended up in exactly the same position.

Black now loses one of his isolated pawns and effectively the game.
20. f4 f5 21. e5 a5 22.Qf2 Kh7 23. Nxc5 Nxc5 24. Bxc5 Bxc5 25. Qxc5

Nick kept this advantage right to the end and won.

Mighty Bees 4-1 Northwich

And so with a game to spare The Mighty Bees had chalked up their first league win of 2020.

Keith v Richard Betts

The top board reached the following position after white’s 28th move…..

Keith (black) has built up a menacing attack down the k side and according to the computer has an advantage.

Keith played 28….Bb4, but white didn’t see the reply 29. Bxg4 stopping blacks attack and winning a pawn into the bargain.

White played 29 Nb3 and a draw was agreed.

Final match score

The Mighty Bees 4.5 – 1.5 Northwich

Well played everyone.

Mighty Bees will be in action again on March 11th against Winwick, full report will be here.

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