The Peninsula Cup Final

St Helens AVCulcheth A
Mark Ellis0-1Marek Mazek
Dave Hill0.5-0.5Jonathan Smith
Tom Dugdale0.5-0.5Damian McCarthy
Barry Groves0-1Iain Johnson
Steve Potter0-1 Tom Vout
Keith Lyon0-1Steve Cole
Final Score1-5Culcheth White on odd boards

Match Report “By Captain Iain Johnson,”

Culcheth-Lymm headed to a new venue in St Helens to play the Peninsula cup final. Captain Johnson won the toss and chose White on odd boards.
With usual stars Marek and Jonathan on top boards inform player Damian gained promotion to board 3. The old stalwarts Iain and Tom were on 4 and 5 with magician Steve, following great wins against Jonathan Smith and Tom Dugdale providing a strong board 6.

With the unenviable task of playing black against Dave Hill , Jonathan held firm against the English and finished first with a good draw.

Marek produced another masterclass against Mark Ellis in an exciting battle to give Culcheth-Lymm the lead.

and after Damian agreed a draw with Tom Dugdale in a decent position but low on time it was left to the rear gunners to finish the job.

Iain beat old foe Barry Groves after a few scares

then Steve gained revenge against Keith Lyon and Tom did a typical Tom and beat Steve Potter in an interesting endgame to give the away team a 5-1 victory. Open top bus celebrations to come!

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