Peninsula Cup Semi Final

Culcheth AVWinwick A
1. Iain Johnson0.5-0.5Richard Clissold
2. Damian McCarthy0.5-0.5Simon Myles
3. Robert Furness1-0Dave Stuttard
4. Tom Vout1-0Ken Johnson
5. Steve Cole1-0Leon Cox
6. Andy Coe0.5-0.5Stephen Carr
Final Score4.5-1.5Winwick White on odds

The A team progressed into the Final of this years Peninsula cup after a convincing win against a recently strengthened Winwick side. Despite a couple os last minute withdrawals we managed just about to field a full side.

Iain Johnson on top board was in control for most of his game and seemed well on the way to victory with a strong Queenside attack, however his opponent managed to exploit the opposite coloured bishops with the queens to create enough threats of his own to force a draw.

Damian’s game on board two is at the bottom of the page.

Rob on board three was a late edition to the team but he managed to comfortably convert his attack after giving up a pawn in an English opening as White.

Tom won quickly on board four, and on bottom board Andy Coe managed a solid draw against Warrington League veteran Stephen Carr.

Steve Cole managed a win on board five to secure the match;

In Steve’s game his opponent blundered a piece for two pawns in the opening, and the game ended with the following trap:

Playing the natural 19…… Rb2?? Black missed 20. Nc4+!! and Resigned as the rook is lost 1-0

(if 20……dxc4 21 Nb3 discovered check leads to mate).

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