Members games

Here will be a place to find links to some of the games played by members of the club complete with annotations. (Click on the blue links below to view games in a new browser)

Andy V Richard Major

Jonathan V Tim Hilton

Peter Mulleady V Damian

Nick V Steve Harrison “annotated by Nick”

Keith Lyon V Steve Cole “annotated by Steve”

Barry Groves V Iain Johnson

Damian V Tom Dugdale “annotated by Damian”

Marek V Mark Ellis

Dave Hill V Jonathan

Keith V Mark Ellis “annotated by Keith”

Jonathan V Simon Myles

Ben’ORourke V Keith “annotated by Damian”

Richard Clissold V Marek

Steve V Stephen Carr

Simon Myles V Damian “annotated by Damian”

Robert Owens V Keith “annotated by Keith”

Vaughan Wall V Keith “With annotations by Keith Maudsley”

Mike Fleming V Mike

Ken Johnson V Steve

Keith V S. Myles

Dave Stuttard V Tom

Damian V Richard Clissold “Annotated by Damian”

Mark Ellis V Jonathan

Martin Brown V Marek

Tom Dugdale V Rob “with some variations by Rob”

Iain V Dave Hill “annotated by Damian”

Mike V Malcolm Spencer

Hamill-Stewert V Nick

Andy V Charles Metcalfe

Beynon V Steve

Keith V Richard Major

Paul Woodfinden V Tom

Craig Ellison V Nick “Annotated by Nick”

Rob V Tom Walton “Annotated by Rob”.

Marek V Keith “Annotated by Damian”.

Steve V Jonathan

Nick Burriss V Robert Furness “Annotated by Nick”